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Welcome to the On-Line Table Reference

Welcome on the Internet site of the on-line Table Reference, This Internet site has been set up by Design4W3 (Jacques bakker) due to the growing need for the on-line consulting of information on the Internet. Easely the need arises to copy found information because existing references (links) on the Internet sites are changing without notice to the referrer. This results in dead links and the most common displayed warning on the internet "page not found".

This website is going the change this! Once a reference to a specific table is publisched it wil remain the same and will not change over time.

Furthermore consider that it is a bad habit to store data with equal contents on several places at the same time.

Why is this Website Unique?

This Internet site wants to distinguish himself by offering table references (links) that remain stable in the course of the time and therefore will not change. Below every table the deeplink with which you can adress the presented table are given. This link can be used on website' s and as external reference in documents (hyperlinks) or mails. Documents are more often read on-line on a computer and are no longer printed. A computer frequently has a connection with the Internet. So, why not use this connection with the Internet to enrich documents with information which can be obtained from the on-line Internet by reference.

I'm Missing a Table

The Internet site of has started in the autumn of 2009 with the publication of the first table. There are unbelievable many different tables. Are you missing a table, or perhaps you have made a table yourself that can be put on-line, please let me know and mail it to me. I will make an assessment of your table for inlcusion in the on-line table reference. Preferably I receive your table in the form of an MsExcel file.

Which Tables Can I find On This Internet Site?

It are tables with information which are not exposed (anymore) to changes. A table with the number of inhabitants of the largest cities of the USA will not be inlcuded in the table reference. These kind of tables will have be adapted each year and are subject to change. A table with the number of inhabitants of the largest cities of the USA during the millennium change of 2000 could be included. This table is no longer subject to modification.

Not Found What You Were Looking For?

If you could not find the desired information you may value the link suggestions below as helpfull. We hope to see you back again soon, maybe the next time you visit our site, your table may have been added!